The Escape

The Escape was a 2-month student team project that was started half-way into Full Sail University's Game Development Program. As a group of four programmers, our team created a 2D 2-Player Top-Down Espionage Shooter game with our own Tools to help us along the way.

Development Overview:


  • Designed User Interface and enemy behaviors
  • Developed Particle Editing Tool
  • Scripted Particle Manager to read files created from Particle Editing tool
  • Scripted transition effects between game states, using particles effects
  • Scripted interactive object behaviors, player combo moves, and skills


Control Schemes for XBOX 360 Controller

Start of Level One:
The screen is split when the players are too far from one another.

Player Spotted by Guard in Level Two:
When the players are close enough, the screen will become one.

Player Killed by Turret


Enemy AI Flow-Charts (using VUE)

AI Logic Chart for Dog Enemy
*(Click to view larger versions of chart)

AI Logic Chart for Sentries

AI Logic Chart for Final Boss