The Lost Temple of Enki

The Lost Temple of Enki was the Final Project of Full Sail University's Game Development program, taking 2 month for design and 3 month for development. I was part of "Red Marker Games," a team of 2 Internal Producers, 4 Artists, and 7 Programmers, developing this game.

My Role

  • UI + HUD Designer + Programmer
  • Gameplay Programmer: Camera and Traps Behaviors
  • Game Event Programmer: Configurations and Checkpoints

Play the Game

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Project Summary - Let's Start from the Beginning

April 2011: Design and Documentation

Design Documentation Writing Samples

May 2011: Core Build


  • Scripted the basic HUD: Glove, Timer, Grade Display, and Reticule
  • Scripted the State System and transitions between states, such as from Main Menu to Gameplay
  • Scripted the Events System to send messages to environmental objects
  • Scripted the static (Spike) traps
  • Scripted the Checkpoints through the use of Trigger Volumes from Havok Physics API

Code Samples

Core Demo

June 2011: Alpha Build


  • Updated the scripts for the HUD, including new effects and visuals
  • Updated the Checkpoints with more user feedback
  • Scripted more Game States, such as "Options" and "How To Play"
  • Scripted the Resetting of the environmental objects, when player chooses to "Retry."
  • Scripted the Zooming In and Out of the camera through the use of Trigger Volumes and Events System
  • Scripted the Boulder behavior through Havoks Physics API

Alpha Demo